About Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS)

The Modular Armor Protection System (MAPS) is a laminated steel armor solution that can be quickly outfitted to civil engineering and excavation equipment in a combat area or installed stateside. MAPS provides complete protection for equipment operators from direct or indirect fire, and mine or IED explosions.

MAPS engineers are dedicated to enhancing the survivability and effectiveness of Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) that operate in hostile environments. All engineering processes are performed with a primary objective of operator safety with attention to CESE function.

MAPS offers a two-part benefit to the CESE to which it is applied: the strength of the materials and design, and the custom application to the vehicle.


The SCGP Fabrication Center is the core of SCGP’s prototyping and production operations. The ability to transform raw material into a functional system is made possible by putting the correct tooling into the hands of experienced personnel. SCGP begins by pulling available raw, steel armor material from its inventory for processing. The raw material is delivered to its local processing suppliers to be cut down to optimum handling size. Scale and contaminants are removed with abrasive blasting in preparation for laser cutting. Diagrams for each custom part are then imported from electronically controlled files into the production system.

The armor panel shapes are nested into a blank section of material and nesting software is used to interlock the shapes and reduce waste. The flat armor panels are removed from the laser cutting station and relocated to the brake forming and machine station for post processing. The forming and machine stations perform complex operations to extract the finished shape from the flat panel assembly. The process is completed by painting, marking and inventorying.


Field and facility installation success is dependent upon armor system designs that minimize modification of the equipment being armored. SCGP engineers design MAPS to provide a truly modular system with minimal fabrication required for kit installation.

SCGP has two ways in which MAPS can be applied to equipment: a custom design for new vehicles and a pre-engineered “Quick Ship” MAPS package for commonly outfitted models of heavy equipment.

Custom: SCGP installers begin the custom fabrication process with a thorough review of the installation manual for product familiarity and safety procedures. Upon completion of the document review a full vehicle operations check is performed and recorded on the operations check list attached to the installation manual. This step is critical in establishing vehicle performance prior to armor installation to avoid mechanical issues after the armor system has been installed.

Once the design requirements are established, panel creation is executed. (As described in the ‘Fabrication’ section above)

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